Moodle: Tips (& Pitfalls!)

Best Browsers for Moodle

Firefox or Internet Explorer are the preferred browsers. Safari and Chrome DO NOT WORK as well with Moodle.
If at all possible, avoid these two browsers.

Common Moodle Problems and Questions

Q: Why am I not able to log into Moodle?

A: You need to provide the Instructional Design Center with your course title and CRN. Email the information to Ray Fallon ( 
or John Bragg (

Q: Why are my students not able to see the course in Moodle?

A: You need to make the course visible in the course administration settings.

Go to Edit settings


Under General, change Visible to “Show”


Q: Why am I unable to upload a file?

A: You need to change the file size default in the course administration settings.

Go to Edit settings


Under Files and uploads, change “Maximum upload size” to 10 MB (or larger)



Tips for Moodle Success:

Advanced Uploading of Files:  Students must submit their drafts via "Submission Draft",  then click "Send for Marking". Once they have browsed and uploaded a file under "Submission Draft", it will appear at the left margin above “Upload a file” with a red X next to it. The default setting for number of drafts a student can submit is three, but you may change it when you create your assignment. In order to submit the final assignment, students upload the file as before, but click below “Final submission for assignment marking”.  They then have to choose whether to send it or not; if they click "No", they are redirected to the previous screen. If they click "Yes", the file(s) will be sent for marking. The students will no longer be able to change what they have submitted.

Calendar(Instructors may add events for their course or groups within the course.)

In order for an event to appear on the Calendar, you must add it via "Upcoming Events", NOT BY GOING TO CALENDAR.

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